Koeberle & Associates Sports/Entertainment Marketing
"Building Brands thru Sports and Entertainment"

Consulting Services

Many of our clients have benefitted from engaging us as their marketing consultant. Whether for a short-term assignment or a long-term project, we are able to offer clients our extensive consulting services in the following areas:

Product Development

We work one-on-one with our clients in brainstorming, developing and marketing unique product concepts. From sports trading cards and athlete branded food products, to collectibles and promotional products, we have unleashed our creative juices to assist our clients in developing the right product launch.

Research Services

Matching the right product or service with the right marketing platform won’t matter if the market won’t support it. That’s where our extensive market research comes in. We won’t recommend the deal to our clients unless our research shows that the market will support and embrace it. We would rather back one really great promotional campaign than ten so-so ones. And we’ll stake our reputation on it!

Web-Based Marketing

Our team understands and appreciates the power of the internet as a marketing platform. We have helped our clients re-design their websites to make them more user friendly and effective; have launched social media marketing campaigns to introduce new products and services; and have created and maintained blogs, face book pages and twitter accounts to help our clients reach the broadest consumer base possible.

Contract Negotiations

Once we have identified the right product or service, marketing campaign, and sports & entertainment platform, then our President Brian Koeberle gets to put on his lawyer hat and do what he does best – negotiate the deal. Brian has over 20 years experience as an attorney and sports marketing executive. In short, he’s a deal-maker. Brian has the unique ability to bring all parties together and strike a fair deal for everyone involved, from the athlete to the client to the marketing partner. And like any good attorney, he then papers the deal.

Legal Services

For those clients that need assistance on a specific legal issue, we are able to offer traditional legal services thru Brian Koeberle’s law firm, the Koeberle Law Firm, LLC (“KLF”). KLF can assist our clients with matters relating to real estate, estate planning, business planning, and issues specific to the sports and entertainment field. The unique thing about working with us on the marketing side is that you also get the power of attorneys to back you. That rare combination of marketing smarts and legal know-how is what sets us apart in the sports and entertainment industry. For more information on the Koebele Law Firm, LLC, please visit our website at www.yoursportslawyer.com.